Flat, Stringy, Greasy Hair

Medium-Length-Hairstyles-2013-for-Thin-Hair woman-with-tangled-hairIf you’re unfortunate soul has been cursed with thin hair, I’m sorry. Terribly sorry.

With my deepest condolences, I give you also, vital information on how to make your thin, stringy hair look naturally full and voluminous.

#1) Haircut. I KNOW. Scary. BUT, cutting layers into your hair can add a lot of volume. The mechanics behind this? Of course hair is not too heavy, but has weight. If you cut it shorter, it won’t weigh itself down as much. Boom. Volume.

This tactic also gives body to your hair. Who wants plain old, straight hair when you can have flowy, feathered locks?

#2) Oils and fats. Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you ingest them. Every hair guru knows that oils like olive oil, castor oil, avocado oil, etc, are great masks for dry, brittle hair. This moisture can easily fake a full look. Who looks at dull hair and says “Wow that’s a nice head of hair?” NOBODY LADIES. NOBODY.

Like I said, please do not ingest the oils and fats. You can make masks out of castor, avocado, and olive oils. Fat-wise, you can use coconut milk, mayonnaise (I know. Wash this out good,) and yogurt.

There you go, cherubs. Although you can turn to chemical hair growth methods, who wants to put that stuff so close to their brain? Throw those toxins away. Go natural.

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